“I Can Be Smart When It’s Important, but Most Men Don’t Like It.” The True Story of Marilyn Monroe

June 1, 2019 marks 93 years since the birth of the world cinema legend Marilyn Monroe. Her memorable image still lives on in cinematography, in parodies, and through those who copycat her manners. However, only a few people managed to see the talented and educated person hiding behind her dazzling smile and the image of a fatal blonde, who stole men’s hearts, during her life and after her death.

We at Bright Side admire this great actress. That’s why we feel eager to tell you how interesting this talented woman was deep down as a person, aside from her stunning looks. And at the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus — books and documentaries about Monroe’s life.

1. Marilyn worked at an aircraft factory during World War II.

In 1944, Norma Jeane Mortenson (the actress’s real name) who no one knew at that time, returned to the city her foster parents lived in after an unsuccessful marriage.

There, she started to workat a military factory where drones and planes were assembled. And though, according to Marilyn’s biographers, her duties didn’t include the technical part of the assembly — in the photo above, she is putting together the world’s first drone.

This photo was taken by military photographer David Conover as part of Ronald Reagan’s propaganda project. It’s thanks to this shot that this bright girl was noticed and offered a contract with a modeling agency.

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